Breaking Boundaries by Defining them

When it comes to living life in today's easily accessible realm I am finding that more and more I need boundaries. It's been a constant theme and struggle over the past year but I think I finally figured it out [almost].

I struggle a lot with boundaries in general, as a lover, giver and nurturer I often have opened my whole self up to those around me as I truly love to see and believe the best in people. The universe has taught me time and time again that whilst that's not a terrible quality to have, like any trait we as humans possess it's about quantity and that old favourite 'balance'. Too much or too little of anything is never ideal.

The thing with BOUNDARIES is that it's such a scary word. It sounds so intimidating, so final. That's where I have struggled, I have often been an all or nothing gal growing up. So it was only natural that my definition of boundaries was the same. The boundary to me was the iron wall, fort knox - either you're in or you're out and that was that. See what I mean - harsh! totally unrealistic and unhealthy, by the way. When you work , play and sometimes even cohabitate with colleagues, friends and students compartmentalizing and separating was my jam! I excel [perhaps too well] at defining the two. However, I didn't know how to deal with those who didn't/couldn't. I didn't understand. Until my beautiful and amazingly talented friend, massage therapist and body talker Pam Dhillon blew my mind and redefined my world.

Her words were along these lines: Boundaries shouldn't be a definite or solid set in stone wall. That's not life. It needs to be a net that bends and stretches to allow things to flow through as they need, to adapting to each situation.

Boom. Mind Blown!! After all these years of truly believing I got this sussed but recognizing I wasn't completely comfortable with the giant wall in my beautiful mind garden, Pam changed my world and let light in. I hope you can take a second at the end of this blog post to reconsider some of your boundaries - I don't mean personal space but rather with your family, friends, colleagues - especially if you are an entrepreneur. It doens't always have to be a Berlin Wall of separation, nothing thrives in the shadow of that. Instead try hanging a net up and allowing it to blow in the wind and being open to moments when the direction of flow might change and your response needs to change. You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to take those restrictions away.

Let me know how you make out - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised also!