Get turned off.

Say what now? Isn't it meant to be turned on? No.

Following up from the balance and boundaries blog posts my new favourite habit is turning off technology. Airplane mode - that dreaded button that disconnects us from the world and wi-fi *gasp*. I press that sucker every night and I love every moment of not having that little light blinking at me through the darkness. Even though my eyes are closed we are still wired to know when that teeny light is flashing and of course natural instinct is "I know about it so I have to respond right now".

False. I read somewhere that unless you know you have time to respond to a message/post - whether it's verbal/written or otherwise you should wait to check the notification. I was one of the worst for this. We've all done it, we know we're slammed but we'll just take a peek to see if it's important. Regardless we nod, hmm and think "I'll get back to that later when I have more time". Except now in the rush of everything you think you replied. You didn't. In your head perhaps, but not actually. So now it's 11pm at night and you're checking your emails again and see that you have a reminder/follow up email [from the person you thought you had already responded to]. Thus this constant cycle of being connected to our phones/technology continues. The Fear of missing out.

Being an entrepreneur you often hear yourself and others like you stating "Every moment is a moment to work" or "I can't take a holiday because the business needs me". False.

I had friends perform a full intervention because I was so convinced that if I weren't here, answering phone calls/emails being proactive I'd miss out. Feeling guilty for taking a break or downtime, or a trip unrelated to work. Guess what, I left for a week, my friend insisted on camping purely for the fact that I wouldn't be able to charge my phone haha. Smart gal. The thing I noticed is that when my time was limited on my device, it was more productive. By having set times [business hours if you will - we'll come back to that] I was actually getting more done. More importantly I was allowing myself time to recharge, to be with nature and people. To be with myself and connect. To feel inspired and invigorated! Guess what - I didn't miss out and the business didn't die because I wasn't there. Funny that.

Fast forward 5 yrs and I still remind myself of that moment. That someone cared enough about me to intervene and say no. You know what though, you should care enough about you too. To remember that most every business has set business hours! It doesn't mean it has to be 9-5, it could be 9am-11am and 3pm-9pm or 10pm -1am. It doesn't matter, as long as you give yourself times to work and times to rest & play. Then you give yourself time to be the best you, to bring your best to your business and clients. Surely that's what we wanted in the beginning anyway? So go ahead finish reading this post, and turn your lap top off, set your alarm and switch your phone over to airplane mode. I promise you it's worth it.