Why you should do a first dance...

With so many options people are still getting married, non- religious ceremonies even simply as a statement of commitment, we have seen some fun new trends with wedding celebrations. This is for you love birds who have made the decision that you're getting hitched, and maybe it's the coolest contemporary non-traditional wedding ever, so why would you bother with a first dance?

Here's how I see it, and what I share with my couples [especially when one is more reluctant than the other to be in the studio]. The first dance is the first team project that you work on solely for an expression of your love and the first thing you showcase as a married couple in front of friends and family. It's truly only there for the two of you, there's no added pressure of bills not being paid if you don't do it, or your family going hungry. It's JUST FOR FUN. Often neither person has danced before, let alone in front of others! For me as an instructor it's very insightful into a relationship. Who the natural leader is of the two, how they communicate and how they problem solve together. YUP, it's true - you can tell all of that by going to a dance class!

It doesn't have to be a super complicated routine or a routine at all, your instructor can give you tips and tricks to navigate the dance floor. More importantly avoid that grade 3 sway we all know and cringe at haha. So before you do away with the traditions all together simply because it's a "tradition", consider why it exists and what it could bring to you? For me, dance class with your partner is a chance to escape the constant wedding/home/work talk, to try something new and have a giggle with your partner. You're really in it together and it's a moment of repose in an otherwise hectic schedule. I would love to hear about your wedding choices - which traditions you chose to keep or nix and why?!

Will you do a first dance?